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Typography Blocks

Tasked with creating a children’s toy, I decided to draw on my love for typography by making a set of alphabet blocks. Each side features a different typeface, for a total of 6. Every block was cut, sanded, stained, and clear coated. Includes the letters A-Z and &.


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Origami Altered Book

When asked to alter an existing book I could not bear the thought of defacing any book. My solution was to alter the book by folding it, so no content would be destroyed. Set in the typeface Century Schoolbook the letters A and Z appear to be floating inside Volume 21 of the Encyclopedia Americana.


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Hand-Stitched Blank Journals

I always find it enjoyable to work with my hands. These hand-stitched blank journals are a great outlet. I enjoy pairing printed papers & book cloth to make something that is uniquely one of a kind.

Tech/tools: book board, binder’s needle, bone folder, awl, PVA glue