While researching the content for this book I discovered many interviews with book designer Irma Boom. I enjoyed hearing the designer speak first hand about her work, and Boom is especially humorous and engaging. I wanted to showcase some of her quotes from these interviews, so I included one on each of the section dividers. I also wanted to include some of the aspects that shape her visual aesthetic, which lead to printing the book on translucent paper. Additionally, the grid for the book is based on the postage stamps that she worked with in her first book.

Hard Cover. Red book cloth with vinyl details. Screw post binding. 8.25 in x 8.75 in. Japanese folded pages printed on Neenah Translucent UV/ULTRA II Radiant White – Smooth Finish, 28lb text.

irma boom book 1

irma boom book 2

irma boom book 3

irma boom book 4