826 National is a network of youth tutoring and writing centers with seven locations across the U.S. What makes the program unique is that each center boasts a retail storefront tailored to some interesting aspect of the location’s culture. After researching Newark, New Jersey I decided that a fitting storefront would be a dinosaur store. The Dino Staur was born; an upscale pet shop catering to dinosaurs and their owners (we brought them back from extinction and it turns out they weren’t mean or terrible at all). I based the idea for the store’s branding and identity system on some of the creatures that roamed the earth with the dinosaurs and have survived to the present day. The store itself contains products to pamper your dino such as Dino Vitamins (with Lysine!) and scale wax, as well as everyday necessities such as dino sized poo bags for walks. This system helped me learn the value of in-depth research, and how to translate that research into design decisions.

Identity system digitally printed on Cranes Crest 100% Cotton Pearl White 80lb text. Business Cards printed on Cranes Crest 100% Cotton Pearl White 120lb cover and die-cut.

Dino Staur close up